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Aromatherapy Jewelry – The Latest Fad for the Fashion Conscious

October 23, 2018

Mother nature has showered us with many gifts. One of the most precious and useful of these are essential oils. Essential oils that are extracted from various parts of the plant give out distinct fragrances that have a variety of therapeutic qualities. Aromatherapy uses essential oils to promote a sense of well-being working on both emotional and physical health.

Traditionally aromatherapy uses candles or diffusers to spread the molecules of essential oil around a space. These molecules when inhaled bring about a number of benefits by triggering various brain centers. The limitation of candles and diffusers is that they can’t be carried everywhere. As much as you might benefit from having a scented candle lit at your desk at work, that might not be possible for many people.

Thankfully for us, some creative minds (who quite possibly had some essential oils diffusing around them), have come up with a brilliant solution to carrying your essential oils with you. May we present Aromatherapy Jewelry; a functional yet stylish trend that is sweeping the fashion world. Read on to know more about the hottest new designs in Aromatherapy Jewelry that every fashion conscious person should know about.

Trending Aromatherapy Jewelry

Lava Bead Bracelets:Lava beads are porous and ideal for absorbing essential oils. Lava bead bracelets contain a combination of the black lava beads along with other colorful beads and look very trendy. All you need to do is put a tiny drop of your favorite essential oil on each of the porous beads, and you're all set. As you wear your fashionable bracelet where ever you go the beads gently diffuse the oil giving you a pleasant whiff no matter where you are.

Silver Pendant Diffuser:These delicately designed silver pendants are extremely stylish and perfect for carrying your dose of essential oil with you everywhere. The pendants that are usually strung on a leather strap act like a filigree cage that holds a felt pad. Add a few drops of essential oil to the felt pad, and you will have your favorite aroma right under your nose all day long.

Stainless Steel Diffuser Ring:Imagine having a locket on a ring. Well, that is exactly what a diffuser ring is; instead of a precious stone, you have a little-hinged locket which can hold cotton or felt pad. These stainless steel rings are very durable and look incredibly classy. A few drops on the diffuser pad will make it very convenient for you to have your essential oil with you even at business meetings or first dates.

Aromatherapy Wick Necklaces:A necklace is one of the most traditional pieces of jewelry that both women and men wear. An aromatherapy wick necklace is a beautiful accessory that holds the secret of your favorite scent. These necklaces that come in gold, rose gold, and silver has cylindrically shaped pendants that can be opened. The necklaces come with a set of wicks that contain combinations of essential oils. Open the pendant, pop a wick in and close it, the scent will diffuse through tiny holes in the top of the pendant and keep you in a good mood all day.

Lava Bead Rings:Lava beads set in gold and silver rings make gorgeous accessories and essential oil diffusers. The black stone set against the bright metal looks classy and modern. Before you leave home, all you need to do is add a couple of drops of essential oil to the stone and let it get absorbed into the pores. Every time you feel like you could use a mood or energy booster just bring your hand closer to your nose and take a deep breath. Stronger oils can last for several days in a lava bead.

Crystal Vial Necklace:Now these are absolutely beautiful pieces of jewelry that are simply magical. Glass is used to prepare little vial pendants that have tiny cork stoppers. Take off the little stopper put a few drops of essential oil into the vial and put the stopper back. Cork is porous and allows the essential oil to diffuse through it giving you little hits of aromatherapy as you go about your day.

Enjoy aromatherapy at any time, no matter where you are with these stunning jewelry designs.

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