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The Launch of Swarovski® Crystals Fall-Winter 2019-20 Collection

September 15, 2018

Welcome to the Swarovski Innovations Page! Swarovski’s Fall/Winter 2019/20 collection is here and at Tammy E Jewelry I could not love it any more than I do. The collection is already in stock and available in my online store, I welcome you take a look at it and find something you love. Here’s a little more about the collection so you know exactly what the good people of Swarovski had in mind when they created this range.
The Theme for Swarovski’s Fall-Winter 2019-20 Collection

The theme for the brand-new collection of beads and crystals is "Be Yourself". The leaders in a dazzling world of crystals have always been an inspiration to designers, but in a beautiful symbiotic relationship, the design house also gains inspiration from its customers.
The “Be Yourself” theme examines four main aspects of self-discovery. According to Swarovski these aspects include "Check Yourself," "Find Yourself," "Excess Yourself" and "Dress Yourself"
CHECK YOURSELF - Seeking a degree of continuation and stability, a new, individualized format is being honored in urban settings with “heritage” re-issued in various designs.
FIND YOURSELF - A desire to reconnect sees off-grid living and down-to-earth styling become mainstream. Designers find individual inspiration with creations rooted in nature, celebrating natural landscapes.
EXCESS YOURSELF - Desiring bold, individual expression, consumers take to excessive volumes. “Luxe Minimalism” is a core component in large, attention-attracting design elements.
DRESS YOURSELF - The rise in "experience" design has led to the ascent of dramatic and theatrical statements for everyday dressing. More-is-more continues its approach, offering a sense of personalized, theatrical overstatement.

We live in a world where individuality and uniqueness have taken on a bizarre twist. We all seem to be doing the same thing but by ourselves. And while we are busy clicking selfies following the latest trends, we are being programmed more and more by technology. We are subtly being told what to buy, how to dress and where to go. In an attempt to break free from the chains of technology, Swarovski encourages customers to rediscover what makes them unique and just "Be Yourself."
The Collection
Swarovski’s Fall-Winter 2019-20 Collection brings you new products and new colors. Here are the highlights:
NEW Color Family: Crystal Lacquer DeLite Effects
5 New Colors: Crystal Light Grey DeLite, Crystal Army Green DeLite, Crystal Ochre DeLite, Crystal Burgundy DeLite and Crystal Cappuccino DeLite
  • NEW Crystal Pearl Color: Iridescent Tahitian Look
  • NEW Crystal Pearl Size: 2mm
  • NEW Hot Fix Pearls & Cabochons
  • NEW Imperial Fancy Stone #4480
  • NEW Metallic Cap Pear Shaped Pendant #6565
  • NEW Pointed Chaton Round Stone #1185
Let’s dive in for a more detailed look at what the collection has to offer:
Imperial Fancy Stone: A Modern Take on Tradition

Swarovski brings you an affordable diamond design with the dazzling Imperial Fancy Stone. This stone that is in a much-desired diamond cut has been introduced to Swarovski’s Fall/Winter 2019/20 product innovation. Jewelry makers are excited about the possibilities the stone brings with it. The Imperial Fancy Stone can add a whole lot of brilliance to any jewelry it is set in. When mixed with other cuts and Fancy Stones a whole new range of designs and trends can be created.
The Imperial Fancy Stone is square-cut and thus lends itself to being versatile in its uses. The contemporary-vintage cut recalls the iconic Asscher Cut which was invented in Holland in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers. The cut has found its way to the top ten most desirable diamond cuts in the world. Swarovski has done an excellent job in maintaining the authenticity of the cut while adding a fresh new take. The detailed tiered facets that lead up to a high crown has been intricately included in the Imperial Fancy Stone bringing about its stunning appearance.
When using the Imperial Fancy Stone to make your own jewelry, you can use it to create engagement and college rings with a classic charm yet modern feel. For a heritage look, the Fancy Stone in various gem inspired hues and colors can be used. There is no shortage of the combinations you can come up with using the Imperial Fancy Stone. The Stone is available in three sizes (6mm, 8mm and 10mm), eight colors and six effects. Use with Ceralun, glue or set these stones in a wide variety of designs. The matching settings give endless possibilities to the way these gorgeous stones can be used and worn.
The Crystal Pearl Family: A New Level of Opulence

Swarovski has taken another timeless classic, the pearl and put its own spin on the lovely gems. For centuries pearls have been used in jewelry, and their appeal only seems to grow. The Swarovski Crystal Pearl Collection is replete with lustrous beads and the Fall/Winter 2019/20 collection has welcomed four new additions: the tiny Crystal Pearl 2mm, the exotic Crystal Iridescent Tahitian Look Pearl, the Cabochon Pearl Flat Back Hotfix, and the pearl-inspired Cabochon Flat Back Hotfix family, including different shapes such as Pearl, Drop, Navette and Square.

The Crystal Pearl 2mm is perfect for delicate embroidery and intricate filigree work as well as seed beading taking each design to a new level. With more than 50 Crystal Pearl effects, this little bead can be used is a whole array of looks and creations. From nail art to designs inspired by the classics and everything in between, the Crystal Pearl 2mm is a statement with its understated charm and dazzling presence.

Tahitian saltwater pearls are in a class of their own with their deep green-gray hues and mysterious, romantic quality. Inspired by these pearls, Swarovski's Crystal Iridescent Tahitian Look Pearl embodies the same qualities lending its silky-smooth finish to jewelry, accessories and even apparel.

Hotfix: Cabochon Flat Back and Pearl Flat Back

The Cabochon Flat Back Hotfix family and Cabochon Pearl Flat Back Hotfix have a unique 3D silhouette that is beautifully complemented by their lustrous, pearlescent finish. These types of crystal pearls are not available anywhere else.
The three Cabochon Pearl shapes include:
- Navette
- Drop
- Square
Each of these are available in three sizes and a variety of colors and effects. Combining these two types of beads opens up multiple new avenues of creativity. The premium-looking Cabochons can be used for apparel and clothing to add new dimensions and a lot of sparkle. The crystals combined with other Hotfix elements can be used to create 3D transfer motifs as well. The beads are safe for a machine wash, and embellished garments only have to be turned inside-out and set on a gentle cycle at 40C with mild detergent.

Crystal LacquerPRO DeLite Effects: Natural Organic Beauty

The newest addition to the LacquerPRO family is Swarovski Crystal LacquerPRO DeLite Effects. The effects which are in keeping with the trending opaque finishes have got jewelry makers and designers across the board excited. Sustainable living and natural looks have inspired this line resulting in five new effects gracing the Fall/Winter 2019/20 collection.
These effects encompass:
  • Crystal Ochre DeLite
  • Crystal Cappuccino DeLite 
  • Crystal Army Green DeLite 
  • Crystal Light Grey DeLite
  • Crystal Burgundy DeLite

Each of these effect that are based on landscapes can bring to mind images of vast natural beauty. The inspirations stem from the intense ochre of Africa’s savannahs, the deep green of Northern Europe’s boreal forests, the glittering snows of the High Arctic, and the soft heathers of the Scottish Highlands.

The LacquerPRO DeLite effects give the crystals a new level of depth and clarity because of the way the facets are highlighted. The crystals reflect the light brilliantly and are even more dazzling than the Shiny LacquerPro effects. The sharper looking crystals can be contrasted well with matt finishes to enhance any design. DeLite works very well with both the Shiny and Shimmer LaquerPro effects giving designers a new canvas to play with. With new colors being added regularly the DeLite crystals are a hot favorite to use in embellishing apparel. Jewelry, accessories and watches also enjoy the stunning brilliance of these lovely stones.
Swarovski’s new effects are available for Round Stones, Fancy Stones, Flat Backs No Hotfix and Flat Backs Hotfix. Each of these types of beads can be used in a vast number of ways including being set in Ceralun, being fixed with glue, used as floating elements and so on. The lacquered side should remain at the back when using the stones because it can get damaged under mechanical stress. Closed and open back settings are recommended when using LacquerPRO DeLite beads. To machine wash set to delicate and keep the temperature at 40°C.

New Chaton:
1185 – Pointed Chaton
The Pointed Chaton has been added to the Round Stones range. The bead adds more variety to the collection and can be glued, UV glued or set in Ceralun when being used. Being so easy to attach makes these crystals easy to work with and they are a pleasure to add to different designs. The Pointed Chaton has been used in very precise designs as well as more relaxed and random pieces. The crystals have matching front and reverse sides and are unfoiled. They can be used in 3D and tactile designs and are easy to set. These crystals can save a lot of time by using a new way to set pavé crystals. The beautiful new addition is perfect for a whole series of new designs.

New Pendant:
6565 – Metallic Cap Pear Shaped Pendant
The Metallic Cap Pear-Shaped Pendant has a multilayered cut and is a stunning example of a classic style with a modern, edgy optic twist. These beads are perfect for all kinds of jewelry, accessories, apparel and even DIY designs. The hole in the metallic cap make it very convenient to use these stones in sewing, threading, attaching with wire, beading and so on. Metallic Cap Pear-shaped pendants are available in different sizes and colors. One side of the stone is coated with LTCH which is a resistant and skin friendly effect, better than CAL. The coating matches perfectly with the rhodium-plated metallic caps, loops and pinch bails. The caps remove the need for separate metal caps making them a lighter option to use for pendants. There is also no need to attach the pendants to anything with glue as they can be fixed with thread or wire.

New Colors:
Amethyst Shimmer Amethyst Shimmer 2X Crystal Shimmer Crystal Shimmer 2X

Crystal Ochre Crystal Cappucino Crystal Army Crystal Light Crystal Burgundy
DeLite DeLite Green DeLite Grey DeLite DeLite

Swarovski’s New Core Assortment: Pure Convenience

Swarovski’s new Core Assortment includes thirty classic Swarovski crystals in six different colors. When you order the assortment, you get a colorful variety of crystals that you can use in a number of designs. Swarovski’s Core Assortment makes life very easy for jewelry makers and designers because of the convenience it offers. It is the biggest standard assortment in the crystal industry.

The Core Assortment includes: Round Stones, Fancy Stones, Flat Backs No Hotfix and Flat Backs Hotfix, Sew-on Stones, Beads and Pendants. You will also find the Forward Integrated Elements category, which includes Flat Back Bandings, Rivets, Rose Pins, Rose Montées, Chaton Montées, 3D Studs, Crystal Mesh Standard and Crystal Fine Mesh. The whole collection is one of beauty and timeless elegance.
Colors include: Aquamarine, Amethyst, Emerald, Jet, Light Colorado Topaz, Scarlet and Clear Crystal. There is complete color homogeneity across the assortment — only the intense and flawlessness of Swarovski. They are resistant to plating and soldering and conform to CLEAR requirements. The crystals are machine washable when garments are turned inside out and set on gentle at 60°C.
The Core Assortment is perfect for DIY projects, nail art, jewelry making, embellishing apparel and accentuating accessories. The Core Assortment saves time, effort and cost.
All new products are now in stock and available for purchase.

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