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Western Conchos Personalized Using Swarovski Crystals

October 23, 2018

Western Conchos are a fun and versatile accessory. If you want to add a little Western flair to your look, then Conchos are the way to go. Personalized Western Conchos are a great way to express your personality. What's more is that you can use Conchos in a variety of ways.

Western Conchos personalized using Swarovski crystals are one of the prettiest accessories you could have. The crystals really dress up the Conchos and give them a sparkle. You can get Swarovski crystal Western Conchos in different colors and designs and there is always something for everyone. If your pets love fashion as much as you do, then a Western Concho is exactly what they need.

Swarovski Crystal Western Concho Styles

Here are some amazing ways that you can personalize a Swarovski crystal Western Concho:

  1. Pendants: Western Conchos with Swarovski crystals make brilliant jewelry pieces. When paired with a necklace you can wear Western Conchos as pendants that can go with everything in your wardrobe. Choose a size, color and design that suits you, string it on your favorite necklace and dazzle the world with your fabulous new pendant. Make a collection of Western Conchos in different colors, and you will have one to match every outfit. All you have to do is replace one Concho with another to match or contrast with your attire on any day.

  2. Tack Accessories: To have the most stylish horse in town you need some Western Conchos for their tack and bridle. Swarovski crystal Western Conchos come with screw backs that make them convenient to attach to leather saddles where they are meant to be. Conchos can also have slits with a leather strap passing through them for that classic look. The crystals catch the light when you are out riding in the sunshine sending out rays of rainbow colors. Riding has never been more fun or stylish than with Swarovski crystal Western Conchos.

  3. Pet Collars: Cats and dogs love a bit of bling too, don't they? So, why not grab a few small sized Swarovski crystal Western Conchos and dress up their collars? Conchos studded collars are a definite fashion statement giving your pets a little extra oomph. The wide variety of crystal Conchos will leave you spoilt for choice but also sure to find a set that is perfect for your pet. You can even mix and match with different colors and patterns to have a more original look. Your pets will feel like royalty in their Western Concho collars.

  4. Pillows: There is no doubt something incredibly beautiful about an accessorized pillow. With Swarovski crystal Western Conchos and a bit of leather strap, you can make any dull looking pillow cover come alive. Whatever the fabric and pattern on the pillow cover, you can always find a Western Concho that goes well with it. The leather straps add a classic touch while also looking very modern. Let your pillow cover be your canvas as you create art on it with Western Conchos.

  5. Cupboard and drawer pulls: Now here’s a neat idea for you; if you really love sparkle then add some to your cupboards and drawers. Swarovski crystal Western Conchos can double up as cupboard and drawer pulls and add a whole lot of dazzle to your day. The screw backs on the Conchos make them easy to fit into your furniture for a good firm hold. Now, it doesn’t have to be just what’s inside the cupboard that looks good, but what’s outside as well. Swarovski crystal Western Conchos come in so many colors and designs that you won’t have a problem finding some that go well with the finish of your drawers and cupboard.     

Swarovski crystal Western Conchos are so decorative that you can personalize them in any way you want. Add a few to your boots or make a pair of earrings using Western Conchos. The crystal Conchos can also be used to decorate household articles like picture frames, lampshades and key chains. Use the Conchos on bracelets or anklets or get creative and make a blingy ring. The Swarovski crystals turn even the simplest of Western Conchos into stunning accessories for every occasion.

Various shapes, colors and sizes available in my shop. Want a different design, contact me with your ideas and I will get you a proof of your chosen design and colors.

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