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1.5 Inches Swarovski Jet and Hematite Crystal Berry Heart Concho

Add a charming look to your design with this Swarovski jet and hematite crystal berry heart shape concho. It measures 1.5 inches diameter, thickness 2mm at the edge, 8mm in the center including crystal and screw back. It can be used with the saddles, bridles, halters, chaps, chinks, belts, hats, guitar straps, purses, jackets and other leather projects for a one of a kind custom look. This concho is not included in the allergenic metal such as Cadmium or Lead that means it will not irritate anyone with sensitive skin.

Product Details:

  • Material: Silver plated antique silver, crystals
  • Brand: Swarovski Crystal
  • Color: Silver, jet (black), jet hematite (black dark grey)
  • Concho Size: 1.5 inches diameter, thickness 2mm at edge, 8mm in center including crystal and screw back
  • Concho Style: Berry heart design cast
  • Crystal Setting: Glue in
  • Crystal Size: 3.5mm diameter, filled in
  • Shape: Round, heart
  • Screw Back: Chicago screw
  • Type: Stainless steel pan head slotted screw
  • Size: 3.5mm diameter, shaft 4.2mm
  • Total Weight: 0.53 ounces
  • Country of Origin: Crystals - Austria, Metal - USA
  • Sold By: 2 piece (concho and screw)
  • Note: Cast from hand engraved masters, plated with real Silver, hand polished and then lacquered for long lasting beauty. Screw back included
  • Lead free and Cadmium free
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