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25x4-5mm Malachite (N) Point Pendant

Create a head-turning look with this Antique Silver sterling Malachite point pendant in purple. This pendant owns a very Antique look which makes the wearer look different from others.
Malachite has been described as a "stone of transformation" because it is said to help in situations of changing circumstances and to facilitate spiritual development/evolution. This pendant is used to clear and activate all of the chakras, especially the heart and throat chakras. This gemstone point pendant features shades of green and is ideal for a variety of jewelry designs. The beautiful pendant measures 25mm Long, 4-5mm Wide plus cap and loop, 4mm without a cap - 5mm with cap Thickness and a hole size: Center loop with the inner diameter of 1.5mm.

Product Details:

  • Material: Natural Malachite, Sterling Silver
  • Grade: N/A
  • Mohs Hardness: N/A
  • Approx. Size: 25mm Length, 4-5mm Width plus cap and loop, 4mm without cap - 5mm with cap Thickness 
  • Color: Shades of Green
  • Shape: Point
  • Cut: No two are alike, hand-cut faceted 6 point - Sizes, shapes and colors may vary with handcrafted items
  • Mineral Information: Copper carbonate hydroxide mineral
  • Approx. Hole Size: Center loop with inner diameter of 1.5mm. Loop and cap will add 4mm to hanging length, 29mm total length. 
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Sold By: 1 Piece
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