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4mm Chrysocolla (S) Round - Designer Quality

Stabilized Chrysocolla is known especially for its attractive colors, unique multicolored patterns and designer quality. Chrysocolla is mix of blue, green, brown and tan tones, somewhat alike to the colors found in natural turquoise and lapis lazuli, ranging from rich and vibrant to subtle and understated. It has a semi-textured surface with a finish that varies from light gloss to matte. Chrysocolla is a good choice when use in short necklace and earring designs that are protected from heavy abuse.
Stabilizing is a process to make a stone hard enough to manufacture into a bead. There are many different methods of stabilizing. Many processes use a resin base that is forced into the stone under pressure. This makes the softer material hard enough to be cut, drilled, polished, and made into jewelry.

Product Details:

  • Material: Stabilized Chrysocolla Designer Quality
  • Grade: B
  • Mohs Hardness: 2-4
  • Approx. Size: 4mm Diameter
  • Color: Blue, Green, Brown
  • Shape: Round
  • Mineral Information: Gemstone-quality hydrous copper silicate, often forming with copper salts, iron and manganese oxides
  • Approx. Hole Size: Less than 1mm, center drilled, fits up 20 gauge wire or stringing material
  • Country of Origin: Mexico
  • Sold By: 1 Piece
  • Note: Various pieces shown for color variation example - Natural gemstones vary in color and tone
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