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Swarovski® Crystals #4437 - 14x13mm Crystal Vitrail Light Cosmic Square Ring Fancy Stone

Manufactured in country Austria, this unique Swarovski® square ring measures 14mm long and 14mm wide (13mm on one corner). The “not so square” square offers a gently off-center shape with brilliant cuts and the renowned Swarovski® crystal sparkle. This versatile cosmic square ring can be use in jewelry design, pendant or sew-on component. Both the sides of this ring feature smooth, glistening facets that catch light at every angle.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Swarovski®
  • Style #: 4437
  • Approx. Size: 14mm Length, 14mm Width (13mm on one corner)
  • Color: Vitrail Light
  • Shape: Faceted Cosmic Square Ring Fancy Stone
  • Material: Crystal
  • Approx. Hole Size: 14 Length, 13 Width on one corner, 7.5mm opening in center, 4mm Crystal all around, no drill hole
  • Country of Origin: Austria
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